Metadata Preprocessing (Full Version)

Because Valuable Content Discovery Solutions Require High-Quality Metadata

Our EPG Data Preprocessor helps platform operators to ensure up-to-date and high-quality metadata provisioning in their electronic program guides and content discovery offerings.

The dashboard of our Metadata Preprocessing system offers a central location from which users can easily monitor and control processing tasks.

source: FUNKE Digital TV Guide GmbH

The dashboard of our Metadata Preprocessing system offers a central location from which users can easily monitor and control processing tasks.

The Challenge

In today's video and television business environments, operators are facing ever more complex challenges:

  • An exponentially increasing amount of video content, both linear and non-linear
  • New content libraries become available all the time
  • The emergence of multiple incompatible platforms and data package formats required to support these different platforms
  • EPG data needs to be as up-to-date as possible

EPG Data Preprocessor

Our EPG Data Preprocessor quickly and securely combines multiple data feeds. It can handle multiple data providers simultaneously, import data from a multitude of content sources, verify data consistency and translate it to a number of widely-used formats for media applications, including Global Listings Format (GLF) and TV-Anytime.

As metadata requires constant updates to handle last-minute schedule changes, the EPG Data Preprocessor aims to keep delivery times as short as possible in providing the correct information. Changes that reach our system will be made available in the export feed approximately 20 minutes later.

To ensure reliability, our EPG Data Preprocessor detects erroneous deliveries and informs the supplier. Errors in the export will also be repored to the operator via the administrator interface or on API level. 


The modular design of our EPG Data Preprocessor enables us to easily adapt the system to your business and technological requirements. Key features and benefits include:

  • Easy integration of new content: Our system easily handles many common metadata formats "out of the box" to integrate them quickly into your system. It can be customized to import other, less commonly used formats.
  • Configurable validation and data correction: Data filters in our validation process guarantee that only clean metadata items pass through. Problematic items are transferred to a module for correction. These processes are configurable to the specific needs of our customers.
  • Fast data processing: When dealing with program schedules, time is critical. Our system quickly processes changes and repackages them for distribution, so that your content discovery processes can keep your users satisfied.
  • Flexible packaging: Our EPG Data Preprocessor exports data packages in commonly-used formats (e.g. Global Listings Format, TV-Anytime, watchmi API format). It is configurable to export to other formats.
  • Clear administration, monitoring and reporting: Our system can be administered through its own intuitive administration interface, or it can be integrated with 3rd-party monitoring systems such as Zabbix. The comprehensive monitoring system provides different levels of detail in customizable reports. Administration, monitoring and reporting tools can be integrated into our customers’ systems through a standards-based Application Programming Interface (API).
  • Create per-event history: All events and event changes are logged for audit and operating purposes. This information can be made available for bug fixes.


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