Common Use Cases Supported By The Content Discovery API

The Content Discovery API supports most common EPG use cases.

 These include, but are not limited to:

  • What's On Now: a summary listing of programs that are on right now
  • Catching up on demand: The Content Discovery API provides access to catch-up TV catalogues of TV channels for on demand viewing
  • Search: The Content Discovery API features a powerful search functionality with Instant Search feature and a variety of filtering options. The searches comprise multiple sources of metadata and can include both linear and nonlinear TV to bring viewers a more complete picture of the content that is available to them. This search functionality can enrich Video on Demand services to create additional up-sell opportunities for operators. Results can be additionally modified, filtered and sorted based on the customer’s requirements (business rules, etc…)
  • Channel Listings: program schedule on a specified channel
  • Program Details: display detailed information about a specified program, including attributes such as 1st run, HDTV, movie trailers and many more. Program Details can be coupled with recommendation technology for similar shows/movies, etc.
  • Editorial Recommendations: Best Bets from our staff. The editors select 30-40 programs that they consider to be the most worthwhile watching for each day in six categories: Movies / Sports / Entertainment / Series / Documentary & Information / Kids
  • watchmi Recommendation Engine: Suggestions based on content similarity, the user’s personal TV preferences (Personal Channels) and/or social graph, and other Recommendation Engine features
  • Personal Channels: On devices with recording and storage functionality, watchmi can take suggested viewing lists one step further. The user can specify that the programs on the suggested list are recorded automatically, creating a personal cache of programs for him or her to watch when it’s convenient.
  • Theme Channels: watchmi Theme Channels is our free Video on Demand portfolio that complements the regular television programs. watchmi Theme Channels is curated content organized around a topic or theme, and available for viewing 24/7.
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