What Is A Personal Channel?

A Personal Channel can be thought of as an ordered list of personalized suggestions for video content discovery.

A personal channel is created by the user and can be centered around any specific item, such as:

  • a certain topic, e.g. „Holiday destinations in Asia“
  • a dedicated genre, e.g. „Science-Fiction“
  • a favourite actor or actress, e.g. „Sandra Bullock“
  • a popular television show, e.g. „The Simpsons“
  • etc. 

Typically, a personal channel is created by using a seed program, selected from the electronic program guide (EPG) or from active viewing. Based on the seed program’s metadata, a filter is automatically created to recommend matching content.

Personalized recommendations

To generate personalized recommendations, the Recommendation Engine applies the filter to a set of metadata.  In a linear TV use case, the metadata set might be programs scheduled to run in the next seven days.  For a nonlinear use case, it might be programs in a media library for which the viewer has the proper entitlements.   The viewer can like or dislike these recommended items, which, in turn, further improves these personalized recommendations.  Over a series of rating interactions, this process narrows down the recommendations generated to only programs that the viewer likes.


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